Cascading Ribbon Art (a la Otto Ditko): Semi-Complete


So, I think I finished the fabric collage ( or art thingy as I call it).  I am  probably most likely going to alter it later as I slowly see how awful it is, but right now I like it very much.  It feels fun and happy in my grey room.  I managed to find a chiffon dress at the thrift store to cut up into strips ( not he taffeta prom dress I had hoped but good enough).  The whole project cost a total of about $24. 

wood: $10 ish

canvas dropcloth: $10 ish

thrift store dress: $4 ish

Making art while 3 year old jumps around and knocks me down:  $ priceless ish



neutral, neutral, neutral, color

Kelly Popoff
painting by Kelly Popoff

I really like this painting/collage.  All of the earth/neutral with the tiny spots of color.  I dress this way and decorate this way most of the time.  Neutrals are not boring.  They are awesome.  They let you see the color in the world more clearly and make them so much more important.  Without dark, you can’t know light.  Without bad you can’t know good etc, etc, etc…  

cascading ribbon

Otto Ditko Painting
Otto Ditko Painting

I love  Otto Ditko’s paintings (to see more go to ).  I am thinking of taking one of these ribbonlike paintings as inspiration for a big fabric collage above my bed.  I think I will use fuschia and black  fabric (trying to find hideous thrift store taffeta prom dress to cut into strips)  on a natural background and sew it on with yellow embroidery thread.   Right now I have metal rings I linked together with wire and painted white above the bed, but as hard as I tried to turn in the ends of the wire I used to connect them, my husband kept getting poked in the head.  So, after he put duct tape “protection” all over it, I figured I would move it to the other wall.  Here is what it used to look like:

pic of bedroom
sweet peeps in my bed under the hazardous art

I love the rings, but I love the family more.  So, off they go to the opposite wall.