cascading ribbon

Otto Ditko Painting
Otto Ditko Painting

I love  Otto Ditko’s paintings (to see more go to ).  I am thinking of taking one of these ribbonlike paintings as inspiration for a big fabric collage above my bed.  I think I will use fuschia and black  fabric (trying to find hideous thrift store taffeta prom dress to cut into strips)  on a natural background and sew it on with yellow embroidery thread.   Right now I have metal rings I linked together with wire and painted white above the bed, but as hard as I tried to turn in the ends of the wire I used to connect them, my husband kept getting poked in the head.  So, after he put duct tape “protection” all over it, I figured I would move it to the other wall.  Here is what it used to look like:

pic of bedroom
sweet peeps in my bed under the hazardous art

I love the rings, but I love the family more.  So, off they go to the opposite wall.


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