I am a lifelong pro bono decorator and repurposer and more recently graphic and web designer (not pro bono). I formerly designed and built furniture made from reclaimed lumber but ventured into creating children for a while. Now, I am starting my own design business (trying to do a little less pro bono) and liked the idea of documenting my ideas, inspirations, and creations so as to share them with anyone interested (and if that anyone may be a potential client , then – right on!)

I like the idea of reusing things and redesigning them because: A. I’m a little bit lazy and it does most of the job for me of making things more unusual and interesting  B. I try my best to be a tightwad. Why spend a lot of money when there is no need. and  C. There is already so much stuff in the world, I hate to make more of it. (big but here, I am not a purist – it is also very necessary to buy something new here and there.)

I am aware of the shallowness of my chosen work, but I love to create and be surrounded by beautiful things and I get immense joy from doing that for others when I am able (hence the aforementioned pro bono). I like to think it matters in the smallest sort of way by possibly helping someone feel happier in their life. It certainly does that for me. I hope you enjoy my blog. Thank you for spending time in my world.

Lots of love,  Shae  (Era Shae Brown)



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